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Billboard Names Top Ten Greatest Rappers of All Time Featured

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Billboard has released it's top ten greatest rappers of all time list... and well... here ya go...

10. Lil Wayne


9. Kendrick Lamar


8. Ghostface Killah


7. Lauryn Hill


6. Andre 3000

andre 3000

5. Nas


4. Rakim


3. Eminem


2. Jay Z


1. Biggie


To be honest, I'm not concerned with the order.  Quite frankly, once you get top five, it's all subjective anyway.  And that's just my subjective ass opinion.

 But let's just come straaaaaaight mother fuckin out the gate with it..... There's some BIIIIG mother fuckin' names missing from this big MOTHER FUCKIN' list!!! 

I mean we're talkin GOAT's here.  The GREATEST OF ALL MOTHER FUCKIN' TIME!!!

I'm not even gonna mention the fact, well, I guess that I am, that Snow is literally throwing shit through the windows right now.  Nevermind that her beloved Drake has been kept out the mix... but PUN??? Come on...... PUUUUUUUUNNNNN???? 

Alright, alright. Let us know what you guys think. Is this on point? Are they wrong? Leave your comments below!  

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