Friday, 13 November 2015 19:47

NFL Puts Team in Red and Green. Color Blind see Grey!

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Can you see this image? Well that means you aren't color blind and enjoyed the game, well, with the other 92% of men that aren't color blind you lucky fucker.

And if you're a woman that likes herself a good game.... Congratufuckinglations you most likely saw the orange, I guess they're calling it red, and green because only one in 200 women are estimated to be colorblind.

color blind

So here's the deal.  In last night's game between the Bill's and the Jet's, the NFL thought they would get all festive with the uniforms.  The problem with that?  One in twelve men are colorblind! 


If you are colorblind, this is what you saw.

grey football





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